1. Provide an initial analysis about the artwork. Create a bulleted list of the below terms and include your interpretations of these terms as they relate to the below artwork (250 words total minimum for entire submission, you must use these terms in your submission.)

  • Subject Matter: Refers to the persons, objects , places, and events in a work of art. What does the art depict or what am I looking at?
    • For this exercise, keep this part brief… simply describe what you see and record it.
  • Context:  The set of circumstances or facts that surround the creation of the work of art. In other words, when, where, and for what purpose was the work made by the artist? What issues or experiences prompted the artist to make the work they made?
    • This may require you to do a bit of research on the artist and their experiences. For this discussion, you should reference the information provided in this week’s modules.
  • Content: The emotional or intellectual message of an artwork. What is the essential meaning, significance, or aesthetic value? What does it communicate and how is it intended to make us feel?
    • This should reflect your own conclusions of what the overall artwork means based on the things you observed in the subject matter and context.

*Tip: The provided article on the page, Assimilation and Resistance: The Art of Roger Shimomura, is VERY helpful for this task.

2. Connect a statement or topic from the following assigned reading to your analysis 

Dines, G., Humez, J. M., Yousman, B., & Yousman, L. B. (Eds.). (2021). Gender, race, and class in media (6th ed.). SAGE Publications.

  • 44: Disney: 12st Century Leader in Animating Global Inequality. pp. 413-419.

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