1. What is a recent event that “just happened” but became culturally meaningful? Why did this event become meaningful while many other things that “just happened” did not? Be very specific and detailed.

2. How is the Black Lives Matter movement framed? Be specific and discuss at least two ways it is framed. (This may require you to do some research on BLM!)

3. Look over the editorial secction of the Houston Chronicle ( to an external site.) and use it to identify a social problem that is currently capturing public attention. Describe how this social problem came to be identified and how it is being constructed in the editorial you selected. What are some other ways it could have been constructed? Do you think the way it is being constructed in the editorial is catching on/will catch on? Why or why not? Consider and utilize the course material on which problems/constructions of problems/movements tend to gain traction and why.

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