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In Floyd County, Georgia we have a program that is called Rome Circuit Mental Health Court Star Program. This program aims to reduce the incarceration and hospitalization of those who suffer with mental health issues. This program provides community support, judicial guidance, and self-sufficiency while increasing public safety.  There are multiple requirements to participate in this program such as being a Floyd County resident and being over the age of 18. It is $1,000.00 to participate and goes for a max of two years. The program aims to integrate treatment with the justice system for those that they serve which is those who are facing incarceration that does not include a sexual offense. There are requirements that individuals must partake in that are similar to probation such as random drug screens, and curfews. It would be a wonderful outcome for them to have GED or vocational skills incorporated into the program to help assist in getting a job once they are done instead of a resource to possibly get them their GED. A lot of those participating in Drug Court or Mental Health Court around me are not told much more than they have to come to my job (behavioral health) to complete an assessment and start outpatient with us. An outcome that would be good to see is more of a partnership with behavioral health centers to curate goals for these individuals that are struggling with mental health issues and allow them more choice than go do this assessment and start taking these medications. That will allow for someone who finds themself in trouble due to a mental health issue to resolve different aspects of why they commit crimes also allowing them to make choices towards their future wellbeing. Social skills and training is another component to Mental Health Courts here in Georgia. Opening up social skills to allow those to practice budgeting and going grocery shopping as that is something they might lack in will help boost confidence of individuals along with setting in place healthier habits. 

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