Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the organisation structure in your organisation (or an organisation with which you are familiar) and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of one other organisation structure. Within the evaluation, you should include the reasons underpinning the structure. (AC 1.1)

Analyse connections between your organisation’s strategy (or an organisation with which you are familiar) and its products or services, and customers. (AC 1.2) 3. Analyse three external factors or trends currently impacting your organisation (or one with which you are familiar). The impact of these factors or trends could be positive, neutral or negative, some are short-lived whilst others are long-lasting. Identify organisational priorities arising from the factors or trends analysed. (AC 1.3) 4. When setting out its view on automation, AI and technology, the CIPD states, ‘Automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and other workplace technologies are bringing major changes to work and employment.’ Assess the scale of technology within organisations and how it impacts work. (AC 1.4)

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