6.3 Final Research Proposal Draft. Notes

Due Date: Monday, July 15

The Methods section of the Research Proposal does not meet the requirement. Specifically, the professor’s comments highlight the need for more detailed information. See the full comments below.

Overall, you are on the right track. The Methods section
does not lay out what you want to do…be specific to your study.

The Methods section is still unclear as to what you are going to do exactly. What are the measures and how and when will they be administered.

You have
ONLY provided an academic
DESCRIPTION of the process, but not the nuts and bolts.

What psychological tests exactly? What are the two tests?

believe that including quantitative and qualitative research methods will strengthen your proposal. Consider incorporating surveys, interviews, experiments, and case studies to demonstrate a comprehensive and robust research approach. INSTEAD OF AN ACADEMIC DESCRIPTION.

You do not thoroughly address all the assignment prompts.

You do not display exemplary critical thinking and analytical skills.

You do not display excellent organization of material.

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