A recent conversation with your Pastor alerted you to pray and prepare for a follow-up self-care conversation.  His self-report indicates high stress with a vigilant psyche and torqued body. It seems that his current approach to self-care has produced an overall languishing profile, especially in a very important relationship. He values your mentorship and seems to believe that you aim to flourish in all areas of life, especially with your mate.

The pursuit to have a clear conscience before God and others (i.e., do your best to maintain a peaceful conscience: Acts 24:16) prompts reflection on your current self-care profile. Therefore, put on the self-care hat, and engage a personal symphonic inventory. Knowing the value of pressing the pause button to gain a fresh perspective during stressful seasons, consider your current practice with rational meaningful detachments.  In this last forum, apply what you have learned about self-care and noticeably draw upon this week’s readings as you respond to the following:

  1. Evaluate your current practice of self-care, especially the use and/or lack thereof a rational meaningful detachment(s).
  2. Identify a specific rational meaningful detachment (past, current, or anticipated RMD) that might improve your overall resiliency. After reviewing self-care insights from the course, especially this week’s readings, build a research-based rationale for the use of this particular RMD.
  3. Point out how this RMD might strengthen communication and connection in a specific relationship.


  • Make sure to use headings (3) so that the most inattentive reader could easily follow your thoughts.
  • Use the annotated outline approach. Bullets should have concise, complete, well-developed sentences or paragraphs.

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