Abstract Assignment Grading Rubric (40 points possible)

Title Page – 1 Point (Must have PERFECT APA formatting!)

Part One – Submit answers to questions posted on Canvas (16 points total).

Part Two – Abstract (2 points each item, or 16 points total)

a. Include the word “Abstract” at the top of your abstract

b. Identify the general problem or research question (the hypotheses) for both studies.

c. Note the participants for both studies

d. Note the IVs and DVs for the studies

e. Note the findings for both studies

f. Note the overall conclusions / implications of the two studies—what does it all mean? What are the main “take away” points from the study?

g. Please include keywords for the study (at least 5 keywords or phrases – these are not included in the total word count)

Correct any errors you find on the references page and include the corrected references at the end of your abstract (see the example paper for how this should look). (2 points)

Writing Quality (7 points)

1. Avoid run-on sentences, sentence fragments, spelling errors, and grammar errors.

2. The writing should be PERFECT here. You will lose a point for each writing error, so proofread, proofread, and proofread some more!

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