After reviewing your readings and the videos, answer all of the following questions.

1) Based on the first video, what is philosophy of religion not

2) Complete the chart below. You can copy/paste it into your discussion post to fill out. Identify who came up with each proof and describe how it attempts to explain God’s existence. You’ll also identify two rebuttals against each proof. Explain who came up with each rebuttal and what they think is wrong about the ontological or cosmological or teleological proof. 

Proof of God



Rebuttal #1
(who & what?)

Rebuttal #2
(who & what?)




3) Which argument do you find most plausible? It could be a proof or a rebuttal argument. Why do you find that most plausible? (Is it because that’s how you were raised or because of the logic?) 

watch the videos below and answer the questions above to create a table to answer question 2

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