All states are required to have procedures and assessments for determining EL eligibility, placement, and exit from the program. This assignment focuses on the Arizona procedures for identifying and placing EL students.

Imagine you are an elementary EL teacher at a campus that receives Title III funds. You have been asked by the principal to present to families and staff about the process for determining EL eligibility and other services.

Review the

English Learner Tool Kit
from the U.S. Department of Education prior to completing your assignment.

Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation in which you:

Explain the Arizona procedures for identifying EL students.

Explain the Arizona assessment and reassessment standards or procedures after the student is identified as an EL student.

Explain the parents’ rights and consent options available for families.

Explain the options available for teachers to refer students who qualified for the EL program upon enrollment, but whose parents have previously denied placement into the program.

Provide tips for schools to ensure that ELs can participate in gifted and talented education programs, or other specialized education programs.

Include speaker notes and images to enhance the presentation.

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