Assignment 2: Annotated Bibliography
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Create an annotated bibliography of four sources that could be used for
your research project, including at least two articles from scholarly


This assignment is worth 210 points (21%) of your final course grade.

Earning the maximum possible score on this assignment will require
students to:

Step 1: complete all assigned essay components and answer reflection
questions in the initial submission (earning up to 85% of the possible

Step 2: revise and resubmit the essay and complete revision reflection
questions (earning up to 15% of the possible points)

To see required components and associated points in the assignment
rubric, please view this assignment through the Assignments area of the
classroom and scroll to the bottom.

Due Dates

The deadline for initial submission of this assignment is the end of Week 4
(Tuesday, 11:59 PM Eastern).

The revision and revision reflection will be due seven days after receiving
feedback on your initial submission or as specified by your instructor.

Connection to other Course Assignments

• The annotated bibliography is part of your research project,
which examines a current issue or event in the news from
the perspective of your field of study.

• The annotated bibliography builds on your work from the
first few weeks of class selecting an appropriate topic and
then developing a more focused research question.

• The annotated bibliography contributes to the research
project by helping you collect and analyze your sources.

As you complete the tasks required for this assignment, you will be
working toward several of the course outcomes:

• Identify valid and reliable sources that can be used in the
composition of a research paper (Course outcomes 1 and 2)

• Explain the nature of selected sources and their relevance
of sources to the research paper (Course outcome 2)

• Set up an annotated bibliography in APA format (Course
outcome 5)

• Demonstrate accurate grammar and mechanics in writing
(Course outcome 5)

Step 1: Initial Submission (earn up to 85% of the possible points for the

Your initial submission should include all of the following components:


Four sources related to your research question, including at least two from
scholarly journal articles. All four sources should be high-quality sources

that you can use in your research project. Refer to Week 3: Selecting
Sources Wisely. You may decide to use some or all of the sources that you
posted in Week 3, Discussion 1: Identifying and Evaluating Sources.

Content and Organization

Include your name and a title that reflects your topic at the top of the first

Below the title, indicate your research question.

Following the explanations in the week 4 learning resources [The
Annotated Bibliography (videos) and the Sample Annotated Bibliography],
create an annotated bibliography of four sources. For each source, include:

• Reference citation in APA forma
• Annotation of 150 ±25 words, formatted in a single paragraph, with

• summary
• evaluation
• use

You may (but do not have to) use CiteFast to create your reference
citations. If you use CiteFast, be sure to check for accuracy and make any
necessary corrections.

Language Choices

• As a writer, you are free to decide how you use language, keeping
the following in mind:

• style: your language choices should result in a consistent
writing style that is purposeful and aligned with your goals

• readability: your language choices should ensure that your
ideas are clear and easy to follow

• When composing your assignment, think about the conventions for
academic writing, including:

• punctuation: this includes things such as recommended use
of commas, colons, and apostrophes.

• word-level accuracy: this includes things such as
capitalization, spelling, word-tense, and usage.

• sentence-level accuracy: this includes things such as
sentence boundaries, subject-verb agreement, and
pronoun-antecedent agreement.

• Take time to review your language choices after you’ve drafted your
assignment. Think about your goals for the style of this writing and
your own writing habits (like using “text-speak,” omitting
capitalization, or writing sentence fragments). Revise as necessary to
accomplish your style and readability goals.

• Reading your writing aloud is a helpful technique when reviewing
your language choices for style and readability.

Length and Format

Each annotated bibliography entry begins with a reference citation in APA
format, followed by a single-paragraph annotation of 150 +/- 25 words
(125-175 words each). The entire completed assignment should be at least
600 words.

Order the references alphabetically, according to the first words of the
reference citations.

Incorporate these elements of APA style:

• Use one-inch margins.
• Double space.
• Use an easy-to-read font between 10-point and 12-point.
• Format reference citations with a hanging indent.

A title page is not required, but make sure you include your name and a
title that reflects your topic at the top of the first page.

Reflection Questions

The reflection questions are to be answered separately. Post these in the
“comments” box when submitting your assignment. You can number your
answers or write them in paragraph form. Be sure to address all four

1. Aside from simply meeting the requirements, what were your
personal goals for this assignment?

2. When reviewing your language choices, what choices did you
make to approach your goals for staying within or moving
beyond conventions for academic writing? To what degree did
the Grammar Lab content impact the choices you made?

3. What parts of your work on this assignment are you most
proud of?

4. What challenged you in this assignment and/or where do you
need additional support from your instructor?

Step 2: Revise and Resubmit (earn up to 15% of the possible points for the

Students who want to earn the up to the maximum possible score can
choose to complete the following revision and revision reflection
components of the assignment.

• Revise your assignment based on feedback from your instructor,
your peers, and/or your own writing goals. In your revision, track the
changes from your first draft so that your instructor can easily
identify where you made revisions. Submit your revised essay as a
file in this assignment folder.

• Use strikethrough to indicate areas that should be deleted.
• Use bold-face to indicate areas where you are adding


• Complete a revision reflection. The reflection questions are to be
answered separately and posted in the “comments” box when
submitting your revised assignment. You can number your answers
or write them in paragraph form. Be sure to address all three

• Which areas of feedback did you choose to address in
your revised version and why?

• How did you address this feedback in your revised

• Which areas of feedback did you choose not to address
in your revised version and why?

  • Assignment 2: Annotated Bibliography

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