Based on your proposal , create a mock-up of your social media campaign to share with the class in Week 8. What would your proposed campaign actually look like on social media?

Proposal example

Social Media Campaign Proposal Paper


Alcohol consumption among military personnel, mainly youth below 25 years of age and those in rank up to E5, poses a big problem. Stress resulting from military life and especially from times of deployment creates new measures to increase habits of alcohol consumption. This is a campaign to ensure that this particular group reduces the use/abuse of alcohol, encourages consumption of alcohol in moderation, and, at the same time, other mental health causes (Kindness, 2023).

Rationale for Selecting a Social Media Platform

Various social networks have tremendous potential for this campaign. Still, Instagram is the most appropriate due to its high engagement rate among people aged 18-25 and its focus on visual content (Toress et al., 2020). Direct message services and Instagram’s young audience coverage enhance the message’s effectiveness.

Evidence-Based Program as a Model

Our campaign will model itself after the “Reducing Alcohol Use among College Students: “A Group Motivational Interviewing Approach,” which has proven effective in altering patients’ drinking patterns through a group session incorporating motivational interviews. This approach will be modified slightly for the military environment and involve peer-level behavioral modification techniques.

Campaign Message

Our focus is on the fact that our campaign calls to establish and maintain rational drinking patterns and draw attention to the dangers of alcohol abuse. To reduce the stigma of mental health, we will stress its significance. Any available resources will be presented to the recipients. The content in the campaign will be informative; this includes graphics, real-life examples, and motivational messages that will be deemed appropriate to the target group.

Strategy for Measuring Success

The level of engagement that will be received, such as the number of likes, shares, comments, and the reach of each post or story, alongside the number of followers, will be used to measure the project’s success appropriately (Toress et al., 2020). Also, moral self-sanctions will be collected by self-reporting via surveys or direct messages. Changes in the frequency of alcohol-related incidents or counseling visits within the military setting will also be monitored to assess the campaign’s success.

Mock-Up of Social Media Campaign

The mock-up will include Instagram posts which will feature: 

·      Promotive information graphics on the vices associated with excessive alcohol consumption. 

·      The testimonial of other soldiers who could narrate the general part and how to fight it. 

·      Positive affirmations and other things to say to yourself if memory is to be toned like muscles. 

·      Where to go and who to turn to.


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Torres, E. M., Seijo, C., Ehrhart, M. G., & Aarons, G. A. (2020). Validation of a pragmatic measure of implementation citizenship behavior in substance use disorder treatment agencies. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 111, 47–53.

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