Business 5.

You are the Public Information Officer for a small company and responsible for communication distribution for your organization. Answer the question below. 

If you were to send an immediate correspondence to all employees, what method would you use? Memo, email, voice mail, video message, Twitter, what is your specific modality of correspondence? 

Here is the situation:

An incident has happened within the local community that has affected the safety of the employees coming back into the office the following day. You are to draft a message based on your method of communication. 

In this short message, including what method of correspondence, explain the following: 

1.    What happened (be creative)? Use one of the following reasons as the basis for your message:

A technological incidentA man-made incidentA natural disaster incident

2.    In the message, communicate the office closure without creating a panic for the employees. Here is where your mode of communication is defined.3.    Explain the immediate transition to begin working remotely, including follow-up employee instructions and activation of the remote work policy.4.    Conduct research and provide an example of a company that experienced unexpected closure & the communication process used to alert their employees and stakeholders.

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