Please check the description and the ticket itself and propose your answer. Also please write a short statement describing why you choose to respond that way.


1st case

Description: A VIP Customer has not received a response in a while from Support and he is frustrated. He claims to be scammed multiple times using our Services and threatens to “expose” us to a Media company that he is associated.


I request an immediate response to these tickets, and for this matter to be escalated to a senior member of staff. By response, I want confirmation of the member of staff this has been escalated to and their role.

I have been contacting customer support since 23/11 in pursuit of returned money after being scammed 3 times, and have received no responses at all.

This is unacceptable. I will not longer be using your site if I do not get a response within the next 3 working days, and will post about this issue on the review site which my friend manages. This is the second time I have had a serious issue with your customer support and it’s lack of a response, and I must insist that this is addressed promptly.

As I have explained previously, other sites not addressing the issue of scamming has stopped me using them in the past, and if this is now the standard for your site and it’s support team, you will no longer have my custom.

2nd case

Description: A new customer experiences

Technical Issues multiple times with a model. He was not able to see her video while in an Exclusive Private show.


I chose to view private shows with a model three times, but I was unable to see the video. It was buffering all the time and the issue is only with exclusive private show while normal private show worked well.

XXXX is the user ID of the model, My internet connection is pretty good.

Please check your end and return the tokens which were deducted for the 3 exclusive private shows. / am using “iPhone 12 Pro Max, iOS 15.2, Safari browser”

3rd case

Description: A model is getting a “Camera Access Denied” error when she tries to begin the Broadcast


I have tried getting my camera to work but it flashes when i open the Start Broadcasting, then says Camera Access Denied. I have followed the steps on the site but it still isn’t working.

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