Central Dogma

1. Replicate the following DNA:

3’C A G T G T T T A C A C T G A G C G A T C C G A A T A T T T5’

2. Transcribe the following DNA:

3’ T A C T T A C C C A G A T A T C G A A C C G C A T C C A T C 5’

5’ 3’

Using the one letter code listed on the chart, convert the RNA you just made to a protein.

4. Determine what
type of mutations have occurred in each example. A codon chart has been provided for your convenience. Write the translation under the strand and the mutation next to the word mutation on each.

Original strand


Mutation 1:


Mutation 2:


Mutation 3:



5. If a true breeding green frog is crossed with a less occurring true breeding yellow frog, then what will be the
genotypic and
phenotypic ratio of their
grandchildren? (Hint: you’ll need to do 2 Punnett squares for this.)

Genotype: Phenotype:

6. In humans, the allele for albinism (a) is recessive to the allele for normal pigmentation (A). A normally pigmented woman whose father is an albino marries an albino man whose parents are normal. They have three children, two normal and one albino. Give the genotypes for each person. You may need to draw Punnett squares on separate paper.



The woman

Her father

The albino man

His mother

His father

3 children (use commas between each)

7. A color-blind man and a normal vision carrier woman are expecting twin girls. What is the percent chance of the babies being color blind? Note: Color-blindness is X-linked recessive.

Percent chance:

8. Some babies were mixed up at the hospital, so the hospital blood typed everyone to try to figure out who the parents are. Move the babies around to match their parents.

Parents: IAi x IAi IBi x ii IBIB x ii IAIA x IBi






Fill What are the genotypes of the granddaughters and grandson?

Determine if the disorder is dominantly or recessively inherited.






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