Section 10: Executive Summary

Prepare a 2-page overview that distills the themes and imperatives from your case study and the National Southwest Border Counternarcotics (NSWBCN) Strategy analysis, providing an integrated and comprehensive summary of your research.

Way Ahead or Recommendations

Draft a 2-page section to forge consensus within the U.S. Government’s interagency to garner financial support on Capitol Hill. Answer the following question:

  • How do you propose putting this case study/analysis to a productive use?

Key Assignment Final Draft

After reviewing the comments from your peers and instructor, submit the final draft of your case study analysis. Be sure to include the following:

  • You will write an introduction to the project which highlights the strategic purpose for the NSWBCN Strategy and outlines your case study on the threat of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) being smuggled across the Southwest border (SWB).
  • You must include highlights of the all-threat environment that exists on the SWB for the key stakeholders of the Interagency Police Committee (ICP) within the interagency.
  • You should create a graphic diagram of the rules and policies that apply to the region, along with a list of overarching themes that summarize the challenges.
  • You should write a point paper emphasizing the need for better multiagency coordination on the SWB.
  • You should prepare an executive outline of the specific chapters of the NSWBCN Strategy that describes how they might support the state-level objectives of governors of the border states with homeland security equities on the SWB.
  • You should include a policy proposal explaining how SWB-related critical infrastructure protection (CIP), response, and resilience imperatives should be fully integrated into future versions of department of homeland security (DHS) strategies and policies, with general recommendations that would be appropriate for DHS planners to consider.
  • You should have a quad chart and supporting information that explains the planning variables associated with cross-domain strategies.
  • You should write a thought piece on improving cooperation with Mexico.
  • You should include a road map with proposed steps to significantly raise the level of coordination among the constellation of interagency players at the SWB.
  • You should add an Executive Summary and a Way Ahead or Recommendations section

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