During this course, you will participate in six graded Discussions. Discussions give you
an opportunity to reflect upon, process, and elaborate on the Learn section
material. Each forum will be completed in two parts: a thread addressing the instructor’s
prompt (at least 400 words).

Each thread must contain at least two peer-reviewed references, one Scripture
reference, and must be at least 400 words. Current APA format is required for citations,
and a reference list in current APA format is required at the conclusion of each thread.
You must also use proper grammar as outlined in the APA manual.

When writing your thread consider and address each of the following questions:

• What is the Tyler Rationale?
• Briefly describe the steps outlined in Taba’s model for curriculum

• Compare and contrast the Tyler and Taba models.
• Explain which model (Tyler or Taba) you would prefer to implement in your

classroom and why.
• Discuss which model (Tyler or Taba) or aspects of their models align with

Christian education.

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