Discussion Board #4
Instructions and Guidelines for Discussion Board #4

These questions are about the documentary “The House We Live In” from the series “Race:
The Power of Illusion.” To access it, please click on the link link:

Links to an external site.

You do NOT need to watch it all in its entirety. You can listen while multitasking (even driving) if
that works for you. This is the last of the three in the series, so you have already viewed quite
a bit of content on the overall topic.

Please address the following questions in a thorough paragraph, and include at least one
specific reference to the film, to support your answers.

● Central to the concept of the American Dream is the notion that anyone who works
hard enough will be rewarded—that anyone can “pull themselves up by their

● How has this been made more difficult for people not defined as white?

● What is the long-term impact of that denial?

● What difference does access to financial resources make in terms of your life

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