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During Week #3, you will synthesize and describe your findings to an assignment link (Introduce yourself worksheet Assignment) – you will need to refer to the instructions for how to complete the assignment.

Find the students who have answered the questions in the ‘Student Introductions’ discussion board. 

Recreate the questions using the student(s) name and information to help you synthesize the data. DO NOT present the individual responses in your final report. This will be submitted by Sunday, Week #3 as an assignment. Wait until after the due date of the discussion board to complete this assignment so you can include all responses.

Include a research question and hypothesis that would fit this study (taking into account all of the questions in the survey). Synthesize the data for each survey question in a narrative paragraph that provides descriptive, quantitative data (for example, 50% (35 of 70) had parents who were teachers or coaches. Include graphs, charts, and tables to present your data. This is an exercise in synthesizing and presenting data. 

I think that one or 2 pages per question would be sufficient to synthesize the data with a narrative and a graph/chart/table. Vary your charts and graphs for interest.

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