HIM 4838 – Management Internship Summer 2024

Research Project Criteria and Project Overview

The research project will focus on one of the following topics:

1. AI in Healthcare

2. Cybersecurity in Healthcare

3. Implementation of AI in Health Informatics and Information Management Curriculum

The project will require a minimum of 80 hours of work, including literature reviews and

original quantitative or qualitative research.


1. Literature Review (pg. 555 Oachs)

o Minimum of 10 peer-reviewed articles.

Begin your summary with the title of the article and the names of the authors.

Example: “The article ‘Climate Change Impacts on Crop Yield: A Systematic

Review’ by Smith, Jones, and Lee (2020) examines…”

Clearly state the main research question or objective of the study. Example: “The

study aims to understand the effects of climate change on agricultural


Briefly describe the methods used in the study. Example: “The authors conducted

a systematic review of existing literature and performed a meta-analysis on data

collected from various studies.”

Summarize the main findings or results of the study. Example: “The review found

that climate change is expected to decrease crop yields by an average of 10%

over the next 50 years.”

Explain the significance or implications of the findings. Example: “These results

highlight the urgent need for adaptive agricultural practices to mitigate the

negative effects of climate change.”

Provide a brief conclusion drawn by the authors. Example: “The authors

conclude that immediate action is required to ensure food security in the face of

changing climate conditions.”

Include in-text citations to properly attribute the original work. Example:

“According to Smith et al. (2020), climate change poses a significant threat to

future food production.”

o Comprehensive synthesis of existing research.

o Identification of gaps in the literature.

o Critical analysis of sources.

2. Research Design (pg. 558 Oachs)

o Clear research question(s) or hypothesis.

o Appropriate methodology (quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods).

o Justification for chosen methods.

3. Data Collection (pg. 565 Oachs)

o Detailed description of data collection procedures.

o Ethical considerations and approval from relevant bodies

o Adequate sample size for quantitative studies or sufficient depth for qualitative


4. Data Analysis (pg. 575 Oachs)

o Appropriate statistical or thematic analysis techniques.

o Clear presentation of results.

o Interpretation aligned with research question(s) or hypothesis.

5. Discussion (pg. 578 Oachs)

o Integration of findings with existing literature.

o Implications for practice, policy, or further research.

o Limitations of the study.

6. Conclusion (pg. 578 Oachs)

o Summary of key findings.

o Recommendations based on research results.

7. References

o Proper citation of all sources in APA format.

o Inclusion of all referenced materials.

8. Presentation (pg. 578 Oachs)

o Professional formatting and organization.

o Clarity and coherence in writing.

o Visual aids (if applicable) to enhance understanding.

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