How does the psychology discipline effectively take on the global education challenge?

Music, Psychology, Education

First, define succinctly the global challenge of education and learning as you understand
it, based on your own findings and those of the group. Provide a statement, rather than a

• You may use your own ideas or ideas generated by the group as they were
presented in the team discussion; alternatively, you can redefine this challenge
based on your evolving understanding of it.

Next, evaluate three distinct disciplinary perspectives.

• Choose three disciplines from your Discipline Map and those presented in this
week’s team discussion, along with posts made within the discussion forum.

• Describe how each of the three disciplines you have chosen offers a specific
perspective on the challenge, with reference to specific examples.

• Evaluate how, individually, these distinct disciplinary perspectives are useful,
yet not adequate for addressing the complexity of the global challenge, with
reference to specific examples.

Finally, apply interdisciplinary approaches.

Integrate the three disciplines you have evaluated by using specific theories supportive
of interdisciplinary approaches to produce a more comprehensive understanding of the
global challenge as you have defined it.

• Explain how at least two theories supportive of interdisciplinarity as found in
this week’s readings can overcome the limitations of the three disciplinary
perspectives you have examined.

• Assess the utility of using methods and perspectives associated with the
interdisciplinary approaches outlined this week in addressing the global
challenge you have defined.

500 Words.

15 Global Challenges – The Millennium Project (

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