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Module 3 – SLP


Assignment Overview

Quality Research and Bad Press

Organizations can be subjected to bad press easily in this age of global communication. Offending groups of stakeholders or consumers can have lasting and widespread consequences for a company. As issues arise, organizations and their reputation may experience detrimental effects on business and send the company into crisis management.

SLP Required Readings

Delivering a Negative News Message

Crisis Communication Plan

Preemptively Planning for A PR Crisis: How to Protect Your Company

SLP Assignment

Find an organizational incident or event which reflected poorly on the entity. It may be a current news story or conduct internet searches for an incident (less than five years old).

a. Start by using the attached 

APA 7th template
 for this assignment.

b. Provide a brief background of the company.

c. Describe the incident and how the company was affected in the news, social media, etc.

d. What were the results of how the company reacted?

e. Did this reaction help or hurt business?

SLP Expectations

1. The minimum length requirement for this Module SLP Assignment is 2 full pages (excluding Title and Reference pages) to include 2 scholarly sources. 

2. Provide an APA-formatted title page. Use the 

APA 7th Assignment Template

3. Include an introduction, a body using 2 scholarly sources cited to support your work, and a conclusion that aligns with your purpose statement, summarizes each section, and then wraps up into a final thought.

4. Provide an APA7 formatted References Page (

See APA 7 “References” section

5. Upload your paper to the SLP Dropbox before the assignment due date.

6. Proofread your work.

Also, see the guides below for APA and Student Support Services:


Student Support Resources


Trident APA LibGuides


Understanding Plagiarism

Grading Note:

At Trident University International, rubrics are used for grading. These rubrics specify the points available for each component of an assignment. Points are earned based on the level of the work submitted. The rubric in the SLP Dropbox is used for this SLP Assignment.

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