In 2020, the world was made aware of the highly contagious and occasionally fatal communicable disease known as CoVid-19. In March of that down, this SARS-CoV-2 virus and its spread led to a shutdown of most of society. Children stayed home from school, and adults tried to work remotely if they could.

Restaurants served food outdoors or through take-out only or shut their doors permanently. Movie theatres closed, and sporting events had no fans in the stands. Community centers and even houses of worship could not function as they typically do. Patients in hospitals or elders in nursing homes could no longer have family members visit them.

If you did go anywhere, you had to wear a mask covering your nose and mouth, limiting your ability to express or read others’ emotions. Overall, it was socially isolating.

During the first few weeks, some families enjoyed spending more time together, but even the closest of families soon tired of the new homebound routine.

 For this assignment, you are asked to include details of your memories of those first few weeks of CoVid isolation in 3 well-developed paragraphs. Describe the changes to your daily life and the emotional costs of isolation.

· Describe your first encounter with CoVid-19

· Where were you?

· How did you learn about it?

· Another person

· Mainstream Media – news reports on TV, radio, or paper

· Social Media

· What were your first impressions?

· Do you think how you learned of the virus influenced your first impressions?

· How long did you expect your life to be disrupted?

· In the following weeks

· How did your city, town, county, or state respond to the virus?

· How did your family cope with the challenges of CoVid isolation?

· What was the most difficult thing you had to adjust to during enforced social isolation?

· Did you or anyone you know contract the virus? If so, did you or they have to be hospitalized? What was that experience like?

· In hindsight

· Is there anything you believed in April 2020 that you no longer believe about the CoVid-19 pandemic?

· How would you have changed your response to the threat of CoVid-19?

· How did your experience with CoVid-19 change the way you live?

· How did it change the way you feel about communicable diseases?

Estimated time to complete: 2 hours

This topic is valued at 40 points. 

Please review the post and response expectations

Please review the rubric to ensure that your response meets the criteria. 

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