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One of the earliest and most revered opera:

LOrfeo by Claudio Monteverdi. This performance is period accurate with period set designs and instruments of the day. This is how the “Favola” (Opera) of the day would have taken place. After completing the opera, you will write your reflection paper on this performance.

Video link:

Performance Observation Reflection Paper

The assignment is
to watch the given performance. The link will be provided for you to click on and see. Once the performance is complete, you will submit a reflection paper on the performance that you observed.

Reflection Paper:

For the paper, you will reflect on the performance that was observed. You will answer the following in your discussion that will be submitted:

1. What was the performance that you observed?

2. What was the nature of the performance?
 What kind of venue was it?

3. Was the performance appropriate for the venue utilized?

4. What are some of the musical elements observed during the performance?

NOTE: This question is referring to performance aspects that include instrumentation, timbre, style, and other musical performance elements such as dynamics and phrasing.

5. Overall Impressions of the performance. How did it make you feel? What are some of the things that were most significant to you?
 What made this performance memorable or not?

6. Have you seen something like this or similar to this? Describe how they share some similarities and how they can be different.

Paper Requirements:

The body of the paper must
be 3 pages in length with a minimum of 750 words.

font size should be 12pt, with double spaced lines. DO NOT add extra spacing to “fill” the page. The same thing goes for font sizes.

Citations/References must be included in your paper.

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