For this assignment, you will create an educational pamphlet. 

Assignment Prompt:

1. Design an educational pamphlet on one nervous system disease. 

2. The product of this project should be a well-developed pamphlet (ex. a tri-fold pamphlet) like you would pick up at a doctor’s office educating you about this condition.

3. In your pamphlet, be sure to include the following:

a. A brief description of the disease

b. The basic etiology and pathogenesis of the disease

c. Common signs and symptoms of the disease

d. Diagnostic procedures for disease diagnosis

e. Potential treatment options for the disease

f. Addition of pictures, graphics etc. is acceptable/desired

Please review the following examples of well-designed brochures:


CDC Brochure on TuberculosisLinks to an external site.

Open this document with ReadSpeaker docReader Links to an external site.


CDC Brochure on Antibiotic Awareness

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