Module 5 Assignment: CRM Data Sources


In Module 5, we learned about the importance of data to CRM and sources of data. Conduct the research below and prepare a 2-3 page written document which provides the information requested below.


1. Review the articles provided in Module 5 regarding data for CRM:

· Arndt, D., & Gersten, W. (2001). 

Data management in analytical customer relationship management

 Download Data management in analytical customer relationship management

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. In 
Proceedings of the Workshop, Data Mining for Marketing Applications at the 12th European Conference on Machine Learning and the 5th European Conference on Principles and Practices of Knowledge Discovery in Database, Freiburg (pp. 25-38). Data Management in Analytical Customer Relationship Management (Arndt).pdf

· Sierant, A. (2020, October 7). 

4 types of data to have in your CRM (& how to structure it)

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. HubSpot Blog. Retrieved from 

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2. Identify a product or service that you are familiar with.

3. Identify four (4) specific data points that would be relevant to obtain for your product or service 
(example: for an auto manufacturer/dealer, we might want to track customer name and address, data about previous purchases, and data about the geographic region where the customer resides).

4. Identify the type (category) of each data point that you have identified using either of the articles (their categories of data are slightly different).

5. Where could this data be accessed from?

· Identify whether the data could be accessed from within the company (internally) or whether the source of the data is external.

· Where specifically might this data be obtained from? 
(for example, customer invoices, customer inquiries, census data, or some other source)

6. How difficult would it be to obtain this data?

7. How important is obtaining this data to the success of the company’s CRM?

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