make sure each one along with each other “Bad Habits Topic”

Overview: Now it’s time to write your introductory paragraph for Essay #2.

Essay Theme: Peer Pressure

Keep in mind, this is the theme, but your specific topic/focus can be
anything related to the theme: ex. negative peer pressure/outcomes, positive peer pressure/outcomes, reasons for peer pressure, etc.

A traditional five-paragraph essay has the following structure:

Paragraph 1 – Introductory paragraph – (THE FOCUS THIS WEEK)

Paragraph 2 – Body paragraph 

Paragraph 3 – Body paragraph

Paragraph 4 – Body paragraph

Paragraph 5 – Conclusion paragraph

Directions: This week, you will submit your introductory paragraph


and upload as a Word doc. The paragraph must include:


General information/topic overview

Thesis statement (last sentence of the introduction)


This assignment is worth 10 pts.  

The introduction paragraph should include:

2.5 pts  hook/draw the reader in (first sentence) 

2.5 pts  general information about the topic

2.5 pts  thesis statement (last sentence) 

2.5 pts. introduction is typed/ Microsoft Word

Total = 10 pts.


You can download a free copy of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) via Atlas.

Support Resource: 
Valencia Online Writing Center

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