Multiple assignments are put together in the final week of this course to complete the project. 

 The Organizational Setting assignment is where the majority of the organizational research will be used.  The Annotated Bibliography assignment is where key chapter concepts are researched in order to use them in the Integration of Key Chapter Concepts section.  The Outline assignment provides a high-level overview of each required component of the project.  The Introduction assignment provides an opportunity to introduce the topic of the project, identify the chapter concepts that will be explored, and provide expectations for the reader.  The Integrative Learning Project Final Assignment incorporates all of these assignments.  The outline will be converted into a Table of Contents (the format will need to be updated).  The Introduction and Organizational Setting will be copied and pasted into the final document.  Research from the Annotated Bibliography will be used to support the discussion in the Integration of Key Chapter Concepts section.  The remaining components of the project will be developed and incorporated as described in the below assignment instructions.

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