Orgl 151

Part A

Review Carroll’s publication “The Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility”

Answer the following:

1. Do you think it is possible to make money and still be socially responsible?  Why or why not?

2. As a consumer with a plethora of options, how do you choose one brand or company over another? Why?

3. Does a moral vs. immoral management approach for a company impact our decision in using their product (Figure 6- pg. 47)? Why or why not?

Remember, your initial response should be between 
200-300 words. Be sure to post an initial, substantive response by Thursday at midnight (EDT) and respond to at least two (2) peers with substantive responses by Sunday at Midnight (EDT).

The Pyramid of corporate social responsibility is below


Part B

300 words

Eoyang (2016) lists three types of change assumptions: static, dynamic, and dynamical. How would you relate this concept to what you already know and have experienced? Watch the video on lessons in leadership and talk about it in discussion as well.


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