A Philosophy of Nursing focus on fostering a deep understanding of the philosophical foundations underpinning nursing practice. exploring how philosophical perspectives can inform and enhance their understanding and practice of nursing.

Objectives :

  1. Understanding Philosophical Inquiry: Explore various philosophical theories and methods relevant to nursing, such as ethics, epistemology, and metaphysics.
  2. Critical Reflection: Encourage critical thinking about the ethical dilemmas and moral responsibilities inherent in nursing practice.
  3. Integration of Theory and Practice: Apply philosophical insights to real-world nursing scenarios to develop a coherent personal philosophy of nursing.
  4. Communication Skills: Enhance written and oral communication skills in articulating complex philosophical ideas within the context of nursing.
  5. Ethical Decision-Making: Develop skills in ethical decision-making and justification through the lens of philosophical principles.
  6. Professional Development: Promote professional growth by articulating personal values and beliefs that align with nursing practice standards and ethical guidelines.
  7. Awareness of current nursing in relation to philosophy: Identify the current state of nursing and how it impacts philosophy.


+ A formal paper, using APA format, describing the student’s values and philosophy with each of the items listed below addressed. Creativity and reflection in presentation of ideas is encouraged. No abstract is needed. Heading and level headers are required per APA guidelines.

+ The paper should be uploaded to canvas. Late papers will be graded according to the Late Grading with a reduction of 10 % per day late.

+ Papers will be graded according to the Philosophy of Nursing Grading Rubric.

Items to be addressed in the paper (same as listed in the rubric):

+ Compare and contrast: ANA’s, Florence Nightingale’s, or another theorists definitions of nursing, along with this College’s School of Nursing Philosophy. Additionally, how do these definitions compare/contrast to your definition of nursing. What is your definition of nursing? Has your definition evolved and how? I have attached a file to answer this question. 

+ Define Washington  State/Condition of Nursing: As relates to politics, image, professional standards, and the future of nursing. Adding workplace issues, along with ethical and legal issues would enhance the paper. 

+ Define how you will or are currently integrating this College’s values into your nursing practice. This section can be integrated into the other components of the paper.

+ Mechanics: Sentence construction, typographical errors, spelling, and vocabulary will be evaluated and should be carefully considered as the paper is written.

+ References: At least four references are to be included in the paper. The course textbooks may count as references. Wiki-pedia is not a professional reference source. References must be of a professional level and cited in the paper using APA format.

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