Part A:

What will be your family program focus?

  1. Describe the specific children’s early skill that the activity aims to promote.
  2. Explain the theoretical rationales of promoting this early skill.
  3. Describe the theory of change that supports your activity.

Part B:

What does your activities look like?

Describe your activities with details. Create a name for your “activity” and clearly state “step 1” “step2” “step 3”

Part C.

Create an invitation letter to parents and invite parents to the event. In this letter, you need to effectively introduce yourself, what parents are expected to do during the activity, time/location of the event, and alterative activity if parents cannot come to the event.

Draft a letter to parents and invite them to participate the activity.

Part D.

Explain how to evaluate the impact of the activity to children’s development and the quality of parent-child interactions

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