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In the response posts, remember to demonstrate you have read and understood the student’s post by taking their discussion to the next level. Do this by:

· Ask a peer open-ended questions about their example of the use of statistics in their field.

· Discuss whether you were aware of how statistics are used in their field.

· Provide another example of how statistics may be used in your peers’ field.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

Estimated time to complete: 2 hours

Statistics used for a nursing assistant/medical assistant would consist of taking patients vital signs such as Blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and respiration. When taking a patient’s vital signs, you are using the information gathered to monitor a patient’s current health status or motoring past health status.  For example, a patient suffering from high or low blood pressure would have their past and present blood pressure monitored frequently to make sure the blood pressure is in normal range and the patient may need medication to help do so.  As a medical assistant you all use statistics by documenting the questions asked when rooming a patient for the doctor. You collect information such as reason for the visit and all symptoms the patient may be experiencing at the time of the visit.  The information recorded can be looked at as a reference for future visits if needed, on top of that the patients’ medications or medical history is collected at the same time they could also be used as a future reference. Some doctors use certain graphs to help with keeping track of the growth of a patient or keeping track of a patient’s blood pressure, weight among other things.  






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Hello Everyone,


My name is Na’Dieya and it’s a pleasure to be here. I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Health Administration with hopes to become an Administrator in the hospital system I currently work for.


Health administration includes various roles within a hospital or healthcare facility. They often oversee the operation of patient care and create plans. With these statistics are used in almost everything a Health administrator does.  According to the NHI one-way statistics is used is for budgeting in healthcare administration. When deciding to set up a new health center in the hospital they budget, and statistics are looked at before the planning for the center begins. The statistics will show that there is a need for a new patient center. As well as what the growth and financial gain will look like once patients begin to come in.  Another way statistics are used in Health administration is using the data to improve patient care. According to The University of Texas at Tyler “Health statistics are used to understand risk factors for communities, track and monitor health events such as diseases, see the impact of policy changes and assess the quality and safety of health care.” As Health Administrators continue to partner with physicians, they are able to use the data to provide better care to the patients and protect the communities from possible spreads of infection or disease. They can look at staffing and available beds in hospitals to ensure all patients are getting the proper care they need.


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