Please see attached spreadsheet

Tool  name

Description (types, steps, specifics)


Digital software, if any

What step of decision making it is applied to

Additional Notes/comments

Customer satisfaction surveys

A proposal to advocate for a change

Pick one compliance item from the list: HIPAA, HITECH, Compliance officer/committee, training/CEU, disciplinary guidelines/expectations, incident. 

Pick one of the healthcare models: Beveridge model 
Bismarck model
National health insurance model
Uninsured model

Health care types reminder

Decide what point of the model you want to consider here: access to care, financing, clinical treatment styles- proactive vs. reactive, inpatient vs. outpatient, compliance-arbitrage vs. law suits vs. case debrief. 

In that model pick Payer, Provider or Patient. Work through the evidence from the perspective of one P. 

For example (just one is needed): Uninsured model, out-of-pocket payments, Patient access to care is restricted by economic factors such as transportation, inability to follow treatment plan and afford medications/assistive devices/lifestyle changes, low health literacy and knowledge of the HC system options, inability to navigate social support systems due to language barriers, low education rates, low digital literacy. 

Government legislative actions (The Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act of 1987) and social support systems to reduce HC cost for special populations:  Healthcare for homeless program, federal and state budget allocations, compliance with Medicare/ Medicaid rules, fundraising via grants and private dollars, associated research on the needs assessment and valuation analysis for the maximum ROI on the investments. 

WellSky Community Services

7 steps of decision making for a reminder:

Understanding the influence of the HC model on the PT behavior allows for the application on every step of the decision making. Advocacy groups will identify and share the problem with the  government. Government legislative branch will clarify and define the problem with involvement of multiple stakeholders, votes on appropriate state of federal legislation. The Government executive branch will establish realistic goals and develop solutions to address them.  The same branch via enforcement, research and reporting agencies will evaluate and compare the proposed solutions. The Executive branch along with community stakeholders will chose plausible and appropriate final solution list, including the funding and implementation options. The providers and state/federal agencies will implement the solutions. The providers, reporting agencies and the enforcement agencies will evaluate the outcomes of the implemented program. 

Dear students, please note, it is one of more complex examples offered for your attention. It is provides as an illustrative option of outstanding work.  Do not use it in your submissions. 

Chose one aspect of HC interdisciplinary group listed in the article

Chose one aspect of end-to-end supply chain management analysis

Chose one aspect of PESTLE analysis

Develop a middle manager “To do list” to identify opportunities in your departments. List it in the description. Pick one aspect of it, describe it, and fill in the rest of the columns. 

Please follow the following template




































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