Poster: Draft Assignment Instructions


Scholarly dissemination is essential for any doctoral level student. Posters are often a way to ease into scholarly communication. Building a poster is one of the ways scholars participate in the dissemination of knowledge.


1. Your poster submission must have a central focus, as developed from the topic selected in Module 2, and that focus must be evident throughout the poster. Specifically, your introduction, analysis, and results must be focused on a set of research questions and/or hypotheses that are obvious in your theoretical diagram.

2. The focus must comprehensively place the problem/question in appropriate scholarly context (scholarly literature, theory, model, or genre).

3. All elements of method/techniques must be articulated in some way (i.e., graph or bullets).

4. Interpretation is explicitly linked to a theoretical framework or scholarly model.

5. Implications, consequences, and/or questions raised by the project must be thoroughly explored.

6. Limitations must be fully articulated.

7. Presentation of the material must be professional and compelling.

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