Primary Grade Student Language Development Assessment and Report (Student Language Scale) Assignment (100 points)


Student Language Scale (SLS): Collect data by interviewing a student and a caregiver or asking them to complete the form.
The questions can be read to the student or caregiver. Follow instructions from the SLS Quick Start Guide.

Screening Report: calculate the
Row Scores for:

· School Vocabulary (Items 1 & 2),

· Sound/Word Level Abilities for Reading Decoding and Written spelling (Items 3 & 4)

· Listening Comprehension and Spoken Expression of Stories (Items 5 & 6)

· Reading Comprehension and Written Formulation of Stories (Items 7 & 8)

· Cognitive and Social Skills (Items 9-12)

SLS Quick Start Guide to calculate your scores (in the folder).

Evaluation & Planning: analyze information from the Ability Checklist section and Priority Question. Follow instructions from the
SLS Quick Start Guide, section 2. Input for Evaluation and Planning (in the folder).

Conclusion: Based on information gathered from your screening report and evaluation and planning analysis draw conclusions and write 1-2-page reflection about the
age appropriateness of the child’s speech, language, and communication as compared to children in the same age range. Show your evidence by giving specific examples from the SLS, as well as examples from the textbook and
Guide to Communication Milestones book (in folder).

For your references:

Lanza, J. & Flahive, L. (2009).
Guide to communication milestones. East Moline, IL: LinguiSystems, Inc.

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