Principal Interview

Follow the instructions found in the bullets below to complete the interview assignment.    

EDL 717 Principal Interview Questions rev (4).docxDownload EDL 717 Principal Interview Questions rev (4).docx

Principal Interview.  Interview a local principal to collect data about student demographics, diversity, and cultures present at the school, preferably the principal at your school.  Questions for the principal interview are provided in the link above. 

  1. Report the results of the interview for each question. List each question, followed by the principal’s response.
  2. Provide a two-page reflection of the results. Do not simply repeat the principal’s responses; include what each response means.  Elaborate on positives and reflect on additional action that may be needed to adequately address multi-culturalism and efforts to integrate diversity into the curriculum, in preparation for the Professional Development Plan (final project).
  3. Remember that your reflection of the Principal Interview will be kept confidential.  Your reflection is simply an analysis of the current leadership toward the inclusion of multi-culturalism and diversity in the curriculum.  PLEASE AVOID BROAD STATEMENTS SUCH AS ….’There is very little diversity at my school”.  and….”We treat everyone the same”.  Diversity is much more than race; it encompasses religion, culture, socio-economic status, gender preferences, ethnicity, etc.
  4. The reflection must include an individual ‘analysis’ of EACH of  the principal’s responses.  Secondly, a plan of action must be stated with regard to how you will handle the results of your analysis in the final PDP.
  5. Submit to dropbox.  20 points.

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