Professional Ethics and the Law

DB 2

Describe and discuss your current level of knowledge of, preparation for, and comfort level of working with clients from a different cultural background. How would you address any deficiency in knowledge, preparation or discomfort?

DB 3

Discuss what your understanding of the important of boundary in counseling was when you started this course. What is your understanding and awareness of boundaries now?  What boundary would find the hardest to maintain?

DB 4

Describe your cultural background to your classmates. Include enough information that if someone were counseling you they would have a good understanding of the cultural uniqueness they would be dealing with.

DB 5

One of the ethical challenges of a supervisor/supervisee relationship is maintain boundaries and avoiding multiple relationship. There are scenarios given in your text and one of them addressed a supervisor being ask to provide counseling for the supervisee.  Discuss what the AAMFT code of ethics says about such a dual relationship? What are the questions that would need to be answered for you to come to sound ethical decision?

NOTE: Discussion post initial response must be 300 words or more in order to receive full credit of 10 points.  The discussion post writing prompt and references do not count toward the total word count.  
Your responses need to be in your own words and not a copy and paste from someone else’s work or a source.   If this is discovered, then you may receive a ZERO for the post.   

Please answer each of DB separate!!!!

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