Purpose: This assignment is aimed at helping you to review the assigned material, as well as to help you express your ideas in a brief and efficient form. 

Task: Write your responses to the following questions using complete sentences, proper spelling and grammar, and specific examples from the class and reading. You may use outside sources but must cite them properly at the end of your paper. Each response should be 2-5 sentences long. 

  1. Identify one of the most important relationships in your life (you do not need to share any personal information). Using what you learned in the Talk and Interpersonal Relationships section (#16), talk about which provisions of relationships it meets for you. How do you communicate in that relationship? What challenges do you face (again, you don’t have to get too personal if you don’t want to)?
  2. How do you feel about conflict? Is it something you welcome, or something you avoid? What role does communication play in group organization and conflict? Talk briefly about a personal or professional conflict you experienced and how you managed it (i.e. which style did you use, etc.).
  3. Reflect on your own small group membership experiences. Using content from lecture #19, provide one example of a “task-oriented” group you belong to and one example of a “relational-oriented” group you belong to. For each group, (1) explain what the group is, (2) describe how you became of part of it, and (3) explain why you think it falls under either task-oriented or relational-oriented.
  4. Provide one example of how you experienced “groupthink” (from lecture #20). Briefly (1) describe the nature of the group and why you were part of it, (2) explain how/why groupthink happened, and (3) describe the outcome.

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