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Construct a detailed critique of the
2012 Donmar Warehouse production of



This is not a formal essay, but I ask that you write in 
paragraph form, using the HEADINGS outlined below in ALL CAPS to organize your submission.

Please avoid copying and pasting the directions into the body of your critique. 



Examine the relationship between the play’s Themes  and the production’s Artistic Objective. 

Identify and examine the play’s T

· What are the ideas that are at the heart of the authors’ script?

· How do the Themes relate to the 
Artistic Objective of THIS production?

· What issue or idea do the artists working on this production seem to want YOU, as a member of the audience, to focus on?


Identify the Production Concept and explore how it works toward achieving the Artistic Objective.

How does the director cast the roles to support/illuminate the Production Concept?

How does the director block the performers to support/illuminate the Production Concept?


Critique EACH of the four key design disciplines: 

· Scenic Design

· Costume Design

· Lighting Design

· Sound Design  

· How do EACH of these designs support/illuminate the Production Concept?

· Support your conclusions by addressing topics 
such as:

· The objectives of each design discipline

· The use of realistic and non-realistic techniques


Focus on the performance of a SINGLE actor, identifying the actor by their real name and the character they play. 

· What are some of the challenges of playing this role? 

· Consider elements
 such as complex language, challenging concepts or style, demanding emotional journey, arduous vocal or physical work, etc. 

· How does the actor’s performance reflect or support the Production Concept? 


Conclude the critique with your 
educated and informed response to the production. 

· Summarize the major points from your critique.

· Do you think the production achieved its Artistic Objective? 

· Did you find value in the choice of Production Concept and appreciate its execution? 


If you drew upon information learned from an outside source, please provide an informal list under this heading. 

· Content taken from Drama 1 Canvas modules may be listed like this:

· Supplement 1.1

· DT+ Interview: ”
Julius Caesar: Walk Like a Man”

· etc.

· Content taken from online resources may be listed like this:

· “Friends, Romans, Countrywomen” – 
to an external site. 

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