SOCIAL RESEARCH PRESENTATIONDirections:STEP 1: Choose a social problem and post in the designated discussion board what yourresearch topic will be. This can be pretty much any social problem, just try to make itinteresting and not too vague or general.For example:Child Abuse – too vague vs the effects of early sexual abuse – good topicMental Health – too vague vs schizophrenia among young adults – good topicSubstance Abuse – too vague vs long term effects of prescription dependence – goodtopicSTEP 2: Find 1 research article related to the social problem you picked. NOTE:This must be a research based article from a professional journal of social-work, or related field.Books, or Articles from pop-magazines, or web-hosted cites do not count. This is NOT a bookreport. Thus, your article MUST be peer –reviewed, scholarly and publishable or data-drivenprofessional research. Just because an article is on the web, that doesn’t mean it’s beenpublished or is professional. It is STRONGLY recommended you use the electronicdatabases through the Dallas College library.Here is a link to the databases of our College Library: to the bottom of the page and select the link for “Articles, Journals (databases). Irecommend using CQ Researcher, Academic Search Complete, or EBSCO. Any of these willget you good research articles. Remember you have already paid for access to these databasesfrom your tuition, so you might as well use it.STEP 3: Create a power point presentation using the outline below to present some info aboutyour research article.I suggest your power point presentation contain the following:I. Title Page (2pts)a. Your Name & major course of studyII. Topic Introduction (6 pts)a. Identify the social problem you selected.b. Briefly describe why you selected that problem.c. Indicate what your goal for this presentation is or what the reader will know bythe end of the presentation.III. Related Social Research (8 pts)a. Discuss the article you retrieved.b. What was studied or what type of research was conducted in each article?c. What did you find significant about the article?d. Were there any correlations or commonalities or generalizations?e. Were there any major differences or opposing viewpoints?IV. Conclusion (8 pts)a. Discuss what you learned from the article.b. How does it impact the field of social work practice?c. What further types of research need to be done?V. Reference (6 pts)a. Title of the article, name of the journal, name of the author/authors, year ofpublication, & page numbers.  If you can’t find this info from your article than youprobably do NOT have a good research article.Worth up to 30 possible points.STEP 4: Post your power point in the appropriate discussion board, this way the rest of the classcan see what you have done.STEP 5: Post a response to at least 2 other student presentations and provide them some 

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