This assignment has three parts.

Part 1: Complete the Claims Statement Planning Worksheet

Part 2: Thesis Statement and Reasons

  1. Choose your favorite claim statement from your planning worksheet. If you are still trying to decide how to phrase it, you may choose to write this as a question. Ex: “What is a good way to help keep the environment clean?
  2. Check your claim statement for the following potential errors:
    1. Do not use “I believe” or “In my opinion” in the thesis statement. The thesis statement must be written in the third person
    2. Do not use “you” or “I” in the thesis statement. 
    3. The thesis statement must be debatable and cover a topic that can be researched.
    4. If your thesis is error-free, continue to #3. If you need to revise, rewrite your thesis statement here. Your instructor will be able to help you because they will see your revision work.
  3. Write down three reasons why your claim is true/can be proven, based on what you have learned through your research. These reasons will become the topic sentences in your classical argument. 

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