What’s the Cons of prescribing  an Alpha Adrenergic Agonist to patient below. 

Case Study for Week 6 DiscussionPatient 1:Malcolm is a 9-year-old male in the 4th grade at the public elementary school. Malcolmhas recently been diagnosed with ADHD, combined presentation. Malcolm struggleswith being fidgety and hyperactive; he often gets into trouble at school for blurting outanswers, getting out of his desk when he should not be, and hitting other children whenupset. Malcolm also has a hard time focusing on anything other than video games athome. His parents report homework takes “all night” though it should only take 30minutes. Malcolm has assigned chores but often gets distracted. For example, Malcolmwas to take out the trash but got distracted in the driveway while taking out the trashand left the full bag in the driveway. He often misplaces the combination code for the

lock on the house door.

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