Discussion Question: Create a post with a discussion question.  This can be a short post, just a sentence or three, that poses an interesting question.  For example, “Based on the material from this week, what additional research do psychologists need to conduct to continue to understand and reduce racial prejudice?”  Or “In addition to business meetings and juries, what are some other situations where we could see group decision-making happening in the real world?  And what would potential problems could arise during such a meeting?”

Two Discussion Replies: Provide a reply to at least two different questions that someone else has posed.  Your reply should be at least a paragraph long, at least 150 words long.  You can also reply to other people’s replies instead of just the question.  In your reply, you must reference material that we have covered that week and how it relates to the question, but you can certainly expand on your reply beyond the material and discuss your own ideas as well.  For example, “In keeping with what we learned about the bystander effect, because more bystanders present doesn’t necessarily increase the chances of receiving help, I recommend trying to point at one person specifically to ask for help.  The idea is to make that person feel some amount of responsibility in the situation.  Additionally, I would recommend…..(reply continues up to 150 words or more)”  That reply references the material from the week (the bystander effect) but it also includes the student’s opinion on what to do in such a situation. 

An example of an insufficient reply would be either one that is too short (less than 150 words) or one that only mentions the student’s opinion but does not specifically discuss something that was covered in that week’s material.  For example, in the previous example, if the student would have just replied, “I recommend trying to point at one person specifically to ask for help.  Etc.”  In this case, the student doesn’t describe the bystander effect and how it’s a problem before going into their own opinions.     

To summarize, each week you need to create a discussion question as well as reply to two different questions that someone else generated. 

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