Professional Goal and Objectives: (SMART)

· Professional goals and objectives are related to this course’s clinical rotation (practicum). 

· During your clinical practicum, you will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with an expert (RN preceptor) to meet specific learning goals in a chosen area of interest.  Thus, your professional goals and objectives will relate to your PDSA’s “identified problem” and/or “your clinical experience” at your clinical site.

· For this reason, your professional goals and objectives will be due the first week of your clinical experience.

· This practicum offers opportunities to apply leadership skills and gain deeper self-awareness through reflection and skill building.

· The outcome is measured as a result of established evidence-based interventions to improve the overall quality of healthcare delivery regarding your PDSA project.

· This assignment should be  a minimum of 2 to 3 pages of the body with 1-2 scholarly references in APA 7th edition format.

· Please see student paper example posted in Canvas (Module 2) to see how you need to develop your SMART goals and objectives

SMART Goals & Objectives (Guidelines)

· All professional goals and objectives MUST be written using the SMART format.

· SMART stands for the following: (Educational Blueprints, LLC, 2012)

· S = Specific (Objectives should be concrete and easily defined. Ask why, when, where, who, what, and how this objective will be accomplished.

· M = Measurable (Learners should be able to quantify, whether or not they meet their objectives, either in numbers or by comparison.  Has something been done that will show that a change has occurred?

· A = Attainable (Have smaller objectives to complete first. Make small goals add up to a larger goal, making it more attainable.

· R = Relevant (How realistic or relevant are the objectives based on the resources readily available? Are the objectives relevant to the topic (i.e., PDSA project and/or NUR 4945 Clinical experience)

· T = Timely (Make a deadline. By when should the objective be accomplished)

· Use Bloom’s Taxonomy verbs for all the observable, measurable actions.  

· Click on this file to view Bloom’s Taxonomy : 
Blooms Taxonomy – NUR 4945.docx


· For examples of SMART goals/objectives, please go to Module 1 and click on the available web links.

Grading Rubric

· Please refer to the grading rubric  and above guidelines before starting this assignment.


· When submitting your assignment in Canvas, please note that your work will be reviewed by TurnItIn for similarities to other published work.  Any work that scores 20% or higher in TurnItIn will receive a grade of 0 points. If your score is 20% or higher, please review to see where your total similarity percentage is coming from.  Then, revise your work and resubmit until your score is less than 20%.

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