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In this class, one of the major sub-themes we’ve been exploring is personal development. We’ve been constantly thinking about how we can apply course concepts not just to our careers, but also to our lives, as well. Given that most of us are currently upperclassmen, our future is one aspect of our lives that is probably very salient at the moment. Planning for the future is a scary endeavor for many of us, and often, as a result, we put it aside until “later.” In this assignment however, we will be addressing this problem head-on, by working through a plan of attack that will help us to productively think about our road ahead. Towards this end, you will be creating a Two- Year Plan wherein you will construct a roadmap of the next couple years of your life. To do so, please complete:


2026: Two-Year Goals

Take some time to consider where you hope to be in two years. Feel free to think through all areas of your life: career, school, relationships, family, religion, hobbies, etc. After doing so, please:

1. List 2-3 long-term goals for yourself.
2. Explain the motivation behind each of these goals (~1 paragraph for each goal).

Try to find the “sweet spot” for your goals. Push yourself a bit – your goals should require some effort, and should not be easy to accomplish (e.g., “I aspire to be a manager at my company”). However, also be realistic (most of us will probably not be CEOs or marry Jessica Alba in two years, sadly).

2025: One-Year Goals

Now that you have your long-term goals in mind, think about where you will need to be in a year in order to be on track to fulfill your Two-Year Plan. Based on the 2026 goals you just set for yourself, please:

1. List an intermediate goal for each long-term goal you listed in 2026.
2. Explain how each intermediate goal will move you towards your long-term goals

in 2026.

For example, if your long-term goal is to be a manager at your company by 2026, an intermediate goal for 2025 is to be promoted to supervisor.

2024: Six-Month Goals

Now that you have your intermediate goals for 2025, work through what your short- term goals for the rest of 2024 would need to be in order to reach these goals. Keeping in mind the 2025 goals you set for yourself, please:

1. List a short-term goal for each intermediate goal you listed in 2025.

2. Explainhoweachshort-termgoalwillmoveyoutowardsyourintermediategoals

in 2025.

For example, if your intermediate goal is to be a supervisor at your company by 2025, then your short-term goal is to land a position at your company by the end of 2024.

2024: Current Plans

Now that you have your short-term goals for the rest of 2024, consider what you should be doing
right now in order to achieve them. Thinking about the 2024 goals you just set for yourself, please:

1. Listanactivityyoushouldbedoingnowtoreacheachshort-termgoalbytheend of 2024.

2. Explain how each activity will move you towards your short-term goals in 2024.

For example, if your short-term goal is to land a position at your company by 2024, then you need to be applying for an internship with your company right now.


Often, it is scary to consider the future because everything seems so lofty and out-of- reach. The purpose of this assignment is thus to help you start thinking about your long-term future by dividing up these big goals into smaller, more manageable increments. From here, you should walk away with a better idea of the concrete plans needed to make those dreams a reality. I’d encourage you to revisit this Two-Year Plan every few months, to ensure you are staying on track to reach your goals. And as the years go on, feel free to update your Plan with new long-term, intermediate, and short- term goals. As you get in the practice of thinking about your future in this way, it will hopefully become a habit, leading to a successful lifestyle!


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