4/2/24, 10:06 PM SLP – MGT407 Principles of Human Resource Management (2024MAR04FT-1)


Module 3 – SLP



This Module 3 SLP assignment rounds out the discussion of
employee development and rewards to enhance workplace


Developing and Rewarding Employees

What are some strategies to improve employee engagement,
productivity, and performance levels?

In this assignment, we consider practical ways to increase
employee engagement, increase productivity, and improve overall
employee performance.

SLP Assignment

You have been asked to give a 10-minute presentation to a group of
college seniors who majored or minored in human resource
management. The topic is on effective performance improvement
strategies using recognition and rewards. As with any visual
presentation, do not put too much information on your slides as you
do not want your audience to read the slides while you are giving
the presentation.

In addition to the background readings, find at least one additional
high-quality academic source from the Trident Online Library to
support your presentation. With your 6-8 slides (not counting the


4/2/24, 10:06 PM SLP – MGT407 Principles of Human Resource Management (2024MAR04FT-1)


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cover slide or the References slide), include speaker notes in the
comments section under each slide. [Adding an audio (voice)
component to each slide is required for this assignment.]

Submit your presentation to the SLP 3 drop box by the Module 3
due date.

Note: If you have difficulty submitting your presentation, it could be
that your internet connection has timed out.

These files can be uploaded to YouTube and the link shared. Set as
public or unlisted, NOT PRIVATE. Unlisted means your video/slide
presentation will not come up in search results. Only those who
know the link can view it, even if they do not have a YouTube

Important: Put the link to your slide presentation in a Word
document and submit your Word document as the assignment in
the drop box. Your professor then can click the link to view your
slide presentation.

Alternatively, create a PowerPoint presentation with audio
recordings inserted and upload it into the Dropbox and it can be
viewed in the PowerPoint application.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Your submission will be assessed on the criteria found in the
grading rubric for this assignment:

1. Meets assignment requirements

2. Critical thinking

3. Writing and assignment organization

4. Use of sources and mechanics

5. Timeliness of assignment

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