Assessment 02 – Applying Research Skills

For this assessment, you will research best practices related to a current health care problem. Your selected problem or issue will be utilized again in Assessment 4. Before you complete the instructions detailed in the courseroom, first select one of the following health care problems or issues:

Limited Access to Healthcare

o Description: Many individuals face barriers in accessing health services due to factors like location, cost, provider availability, transportation issues, or lack of insurance, leading to untreated conditions and health disparities.

o Interventions: Telemedicine, online healthcare information, community health clinics, health policy reforms, in-home healthcare services.

o Keywords: Health insurance, rural health, rural nursing, telehealth, online health information seeking, health care access, health information systems, consumer health information, chronic disease, health information search, health seeking behavior.

Healthcare Disparities

o Description: Differences in health outcomes and care quality experienced by certain populations due to socioeconomic, racial, or geographic factors.

o Interventions: Federal goals, policy changes, Triple Aim for populations, community health improvement plans, patient advocacy efforts, cultural competency training.

o Keywords: Socioeconomic status, health disparities, health inequities, health equity, community health assessment, community health improvement plan, strategic planning, local health departments.

After you have selected one of the problems/issues from the list above, return to the detailed instructions in the courseroom to complete your assessment.

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