Assignment 6
Due Saturday 11:59 pm (Week 14)

Part 1 (50 points)
We will explore the Marvel Network Universe. The dataset which you will find in Blackboard
consists of the hero’s networks. For this dataset, you will need to ask yourself 3 questions (i.e
which superhero knows more superheroes?) , and answer them by using the social network.

General requirements:
1. You will need to write up your findings, interpretations, and results for this assignment.

It will be a great idea to screenshot your codes, results, and graphs so that you can
explain your findings along with them. (It is also easier for me to follow you when I read
your paper). A pdf file is required. There is no page limit but try to be straightforward
with your answers.

2. The py file that you have used to finish your assignment. (It may be a duplicate or
somewhat duplicate of the screenshots that you have inserted in your paper but that is
okay. I would like to look over your codes.)

Part 2 Database (50 points)
Finish the python codes, you will find the file in Blackboard.

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