Communication is improving so fast at this time. All the resources like the internet, social media, and the development of artificial intelligence can overwhelm the way how people know the real world. The term social media mostly refers to internet-based tools that allow individuals and communities to gather and communicate, share information, ideas, personal messages, images, and other content, and in some cases, collaborate with other users in real-time. ( Peck 2014). Social media with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others can deliver too much information that can be true or not true.  People are powerfully influenced by the opinions in social media. In the same way, health care can be influenced by the power of social media. Also, social media can be used to monitor policies implemented and how these affect or change behaviors in society. On the other hand, social media can influence the breaking of some policies like drug policies and promoting the use of illicit substances. We saw how social media can modify policies in health when COVID-19 appears, or with cancer. The information in social media can be modified or altered by people and they can manipulate the public opinion about health issues. With all this power social media is the target of researchers, policymakers, and health care providers. They understood that social media is a powerful tool to engage or influence people and at the same time evaluate the phenomena of health in the population to be easy to know what are the necessities of people. it allows us to enlarge our scope of vision. How we can analyze social media must be used carefully and focused on improving health care in the world.



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