Elder Abuse

1. Visit the website of the National Center on Elder Abuse below. Briefly summarize resources available on the website to educate the general public about the complexities of abuse and neglect against an older adult. Lastly, describe resources available for victims and survivors of elder abuse.

National Center on Elder Abuse

Family Violence: Conclusions


2. Throughout this quarter, we have explored topics about family violence in the U.S and in other countries. We have identified lack of reporting and lack of accountability as two major challenges surrounding all aspects of family violence. Drawing on lecture notes, readings and films, discuss why victims/survivors are less likely to report abuse and why perpetrators are not held accountable for their actions. In your discussion, select specific examples from any of the topics and instances in films and readings to support your ideas. End the paper with a reflection of what we can do as a society to reduce the incidence of family violence. 

Page limit: 3 papers. 

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