For this discussion post, define the fact pattern in the Netflix case study, which you read about in the following Module One resources: 



  • Who: The individuals and organization involved in the issue
  • What: The issue at hand. What variables have created the situation that needs resolution, and what facts regarding the individuals involved and the organization can be codified as factual statements.
  • When: The timetable as to when the issue began and the approximate timeframe in which it must be settled. If not definitively known, provide an estimate of the duration.
  • Where: The geographic location, department, or division in which the problem exists.
  • Why: The drivers that created the situation needing resolution.
  • How: The ways in which the organizational culture may directly and/or indirectly impact the negotiation in an interpersonal or organization conflict situation.

Post your five Ws in your initial post, then comment on at least two of your peers’ posts. Review their posts to ensure their negotiation fact pattern is as comprehensive as possible and has fully captured all known facts of the case study.

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